The life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

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  • حالة الكتاب: New
    اللغة: English
    المؤلف: abdul munem salamat
    سنة النشر: 1419H - 1998G
    الطبعة: 1
    عدد الصفحات: 800 page
    الغلاف: Hardcover
    الأبعاد: 24×17
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  • ISBN / ردمك :9789960341283

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  • The life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH


Allah has most graciously provided man with all that he need in this universe.
Generally , every new-born child arrives in the world endowed with eyes to see,ears to hear,a nose to smell and breathe,hands to touch,feet to walk, and a mind to think.
All those potentialities, power, and faculties that a man needs or can need are most carefully provided and marvelously set in his tiny body.
Every minute requirement is foreseen and provided for.
It is the same with the world he lives in.
Everything essential for his life is provided : air, light, heat, water, and so on.
A child on opening his eyes finds his food in his mother`s breast.
His parent love him instinctively and in their hearts has been implanted an irresistible urge to look after him, to bring him up, and to sacrifice all for his welfare.

This book is divided into five chapters 
Chapter one   : stated the case of the Arab nation and regional and international situation before the Prophet Mission
Chapter two   :stated morals and manners of the Prophet peace be upon him
Chapter three : contained the events that occurred from the start of his mission to Hijrah
Chapter four  :stated about the civil period and the Islamic state building
Chapter five  : stated the universal of Islamic Dawa, stated with Ayat and conversations of the universality of Islam to all people

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